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Aoi Josanjo
7−9−403 Oyama−Cho, Fukushima−Shi 960-8012 (Day)090-3122-8060
Opening hours
55 Chilyanaka,Kamitoriwata−Aza, Fukushima−Shi 960-1107 (Day)024-593-2219
Opening hours
jyosannjyo hiroha Parking
Fukushima−Shi Watari−Aza Watari−mati 54 Fukushima−Shi 960-8141 (Day)090-5233-3572
Opening hours09:00〜15:00
takano,yorozujyosannjyo Parking
63−3higasikeini,motouchi−aza, Fukushima−Shi 960-0103 (Day)080-1809-1875
Opening hours
ToKiKo Josannin
47−3 Nakakado Watari Fukushima−Shi 960-8141 (Day)080-2821-3212 (Night)080-2821-3212
Opening hours
nikoniko Jyosanjyo
8−11−23 Horai−Cho, Fukushima−Shi 960-8157 (Day)024-549-2556
Opening hours
Haruko Josanin Parking Available by wheelchair
125 Bancho−Cho,Watari Fukushima−Shi 960-8141 (Day)024-522-8081
Opening hours
Fukushima Jyosanjyo Parking
19−2 Iwasaki−cyo,Watari Fukushima−Shi 960-8141 (Day)024-572-3766 (Night)090-2794-1582
Opening hours10:00〜16:00
Bonyuando I kujishien Bebyleaf Josanjyo
Fukushimashi izumi  nagatakimae 5−23 Fukushima−Shi 960-8253 (Day)080-5569-2430
Opening hours
Yurikago Josanin Parking Available by wheelchair Restrooms for disabled persons
13−1 Gyouninndou,Senoue−machi, Fukushima−Shi 960-0101 (Day)070-9037-1031
Opening hours
− Nihonmatsu−Shi 969-1404 (Day)0243-23-6270 (Night)09048833818
Opening hours
Hirose Kato Josanjo Parking
129−1,Chausuyama,Yanagawamachi Date−Shi 960-0734 (Day)024-577-3039
Opening hours
yukko jyosanin
23−15 ookida,kamihobara,hobara−mati, Date−Shi 960-0684 (Day)090-3758-1010
Opening hours
Sutera Josanin
1−6 Nakanome,Moriyama,Aza Kunimi−Machi Date−Gun 969-1731 (Day)024-585-2802
Opening hours
Koriyama SatonoBreastfeeding Counseling Room Oketanishiki Parking
1−7−6Kuwano Kooriyama−Shi 963-8025 (Day)070-2038-1108
Opening hours
Momiji Josanin Parking
4−1, Uwanodai Daizenji Tamura−machi Kooriyama−Shi 963-1161 (Day)024-955-3023 (Night)024-955-3023
Opening hours09:00〜16:00
Jyosanshinoie Uluru Parking
Sukagawa−Shi Sukagawa−Shi 962-0721 (Day)080-5227-8517
Opening hours
Jyosanshi No Ie Uluru Parking
Sukagawa−Shi Sukagawa−Shi 962-0727 (Day)0248-79-2932
Opening hours
Sukagawa Josanin Kizuna Parking
290−10,Minami−cho,Sukagawa−Shi Sukagawa−Shi 962-0830 (Day)090-8783-1162 (Night)090-8783-1162
Opening hours
Boshishiennshitsu MAGOKORO Parking Available by wheelchair Restrooms for disabled persons Sign language correspondence is possible
116Tamathi Shirakawa−Shi 961-0073 (Day)090-7336-6306 (Night)090-7336-6306
Opening hours
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Parking Parking
Available by wheelchair Available by wheelchair
Restrooms for disabled persons Restrooms for disabled persons
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